Hiring for Delivery Manager in Mysore,Karnataka for Exp. 4 - 8 yrs at Software Paradigms Infotech Private Limited.

  • Esteemed client of Orion TrueTech Services India
  • Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • Jan 11, 2018
Full time IT / Telecommunication Jobs

Job Description

Job Description:Job Description leads and coordinates the activity of a group of projects. in this respect he/she may be technically and organizationally responsible for several teams and several projects in parallel and has the responsibility to inform the department manager about their deployment he/she consults with the department manager and / or project managers about the technical characteristics of the projects to be coordinated creates the project plan analyzes and makes sure that all functional requirements of the project are addressed.is involved in estimating the projects to be coordinated collaborates with the project team for the good development of the projects once the projects have been started participate together with the team lead and / or the project manager assigned (where appropriate) to establishing the daily activities for each project according to the working procedures and the needs of each project and taking into account the dynamics of the team (inputs / outputs).verifies technically and functionally the degree of achievement of the activities by the project team and organizes internal meetings to ensure the smooth running of the projects assigns responsibilities and coordinates work on the project from the point of view of applying the specific development process reports material infrastructure and training needs for the members of the coordinated projects required for the successful completion of the projects.is involved in prioritizing project activities and is taking part in updating the project plans according to their evolution and team dynamics (inputs / outputs).provides technical support for team members and engages in code verification ensuring that the product / code offered to the customer is correct and complete.is permanently informed and up to date about the data necessary for the implementation of the projects and working procedures he/she is constantly up to date with news and developments in his/her field of activity (programming languages new technologies etc.) and participates in the company' s courses and trainings in order to improve the necessary knowledge for the programming activity and other job-specific activities based on the client-approved project plan he/she is responsible for tracking coordinating the project activities tasks performed for each stage of the project and intervening for their correction and fluidization at the request of the hierarchical superior he/she performs any other programming organizational and coordination activities. client engagement participates in conferences and / or meetings with the client in order to ensure the smooth running of the project ensures prompt and efficient communication with the client creates reports on daily results by centralizing the daily statuses received from the project team proposes innovative solutions to reported issues / requests from the client participates and mediates any communication with the client regarding project requirements and specifications the stages covered by the specifications the changes that have occurred and the possible obstacles in carrying out the activities that result from the approved project specifications maintains open communication channels with the client through a proactive attitude daily interactions and an overall efficient communication continuously gathers information and participates in the assessment of the client' s requirements and needs (information from the client the project team etc.).anticipates and communicates improvement suggestions and potential solutions to existing or anticipated problems for the client. project teamunder the supervision of the department manager he/she tracks approves and is responsible for leaves of absence delays time off for the people in the team reports any technical administrative or any other type of issue ascertained directly or reported by the members of the coordinated projects to the hierarchical superior in order not to interfere with the good progress of the projects and seeks and proposes ways to solve them he/she is involved in evaluating people in the project team and offers feedback to the department manager on their evolution and performance on projects he/she is involved in the technical interviews and in the technical selection process of the internal and external candidates for the positions available in the coordinated project(s).he/she facilitates the integration into the project team of new employees or of the employees who are being transferred from other project teams: ensures that they assume their job responsibilities and responsibilities that they learn as soon as possible the technical specifications of the project and the procedures which concern the company' s organization and regulations so that they can adapt in the shortest possible time. Others establishes takes over and carries out the project activities both his own and those of the project teams so that he / she respects the compliance within the terms imposed by the client takes over and redistributes the activities and responsibilities of the employees who leave the coordinated project teams (both for those who leave the company and for those who move to other project teams).upon leaving the company or moving to other project teams he/she handles the hierarchical superior' s activities and responsibilities to be distributed to other employees verifies the compliance with the working procedures by the members of the managed projects informs hierarchical superiors of all deviations from work procedures as soon as possible from the moment they occur transmits daily status to the client and to hierarchical superiors draws up the technical documentation required by the project respects work procedures including those relating to client communication keeps the confidentiality of the business information he/she comes in contact with uses company equipment with responsibility. he/she is directly responsible for the company owned equipment used in the daily activities keeps his/her workspace clean and orderly participates in health and safety work regulations and emergency situations trainings and complies with the specific obligations participates in quality and security integrated management system trainings complies with the provisions of the individual labour contract of the collective labour contract of the internal regulations guide of the softvision security policy and of all the provisions deriving from the quality and security integrated management system ensures an efficient communication process with the client monitors the work done on the project and proposes adjustments and improvements.is responsible for managing the allocated human and material resources according the project plan.is responsible for following meeting the contractual deadlines identifies the training needs of the toj (training on the job) training in regards to the technical knowledge of the project team members according to the provisions of the hierarchical superior or the needs observed in the project team establishes goals and objectives for trainings and/or presentations as well as the training methods develops materials for technical tr