Hiring for Required Chemical Engineer-oil,turnkey &amp Gas Project in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai for Exp. 0 - 4 yrs at Ontime Manpower Pvt. Ltd..

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  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Jan 11, 2018
Full time Engineering / Manufacturing Jobs

Job Description

Job Description:Job Summary- As a chemical engineer, you will be involved in the design and development of a diverse range of products. Your work will focus on changing the chemical, biochemical and physical state of a substance to turn it into something else, such as making plastic from oil. You' ll need to understand how to alter raw materials into required products, while taking into consideration health and safety and cost issues. Responsibilities- Your daily activities will be extremely diverse and largely depend on the role and the sector in which you work. In general, tasks include: working closely with process chemists and control engineers to ensure the process plant is set up to provide maximum output levels and efficient running of the production facility designing plant and equipment configuration so that they can be readily adapted to suit the product range and the process technologies involved, taking environmental and economic aspects into account setting up scale-up and scale-down processes including appropriate changes to equipment design and configuration assessing options for plant expansion or reconfiguration by developing and testing process simulation models designing, installing and commissioning new production plants, including monitoring developments and troubleshooting optimizing production by analyzing processes and compiling de-bottleneck studies applying new technologies researching new products from trial through to commercialization and improving product lines ensuring that potential safety issues related to the project operator, the environment, the process and the product are considered at all stages. Working hours are typically 9 am to 5 pm, possibly with some extra hours. Jobs in processing and manufacturing may involve shift work, including evenings and weekends. Skills- You will need to show: an understanding of engineering principles and mathematics an aptitude for, and interest in chemistry project management skills resource management skills oral and written communication skills analytical and problem-solving ability the ability to work as part of a team the capacity to motivate and lead a team strong IT skills a careful and methodical approach with good attention to detail commercial and business awareness creativity and innovation. Hr Cordinater-Siddharth Sir / Shofiya mam