Hiring for Opening for PL Counsellor - Vibgyor High Vadodara in Vadodara/Baroda, for Exp. 4 - 9 yrs at VIBGYOR Group of Schools.

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  • Vadodara, Gujarat, India
  • May 16, 2018
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Job Description

Job Description:We are looking for&amp amp nbsp PL (Personalised Learning) Counsellor B.A. &amp amp amp M.A. in Counselling Psychology i. Conduct counselling sessions As per the policy, counselling session for behavioural referrals needs to be conducted once a week. If the student displays severe concerns, number of sessions can be increased with parent consent. Parent should be informed about payment of fees for additional sessions. ii. Preparing ICP ICP is prepared for both Permanent and Temporary cases (permanent cases are cases which require long term intervention). For only permanent cases, copy of the ICP needs to be handed over to the parent and explained in detail. However, the purpose of making ICP for temporary cases is to enable the PLC to prioritize students areas of concerns and serve as reference. iii. Conduct workshops for Parents, Teachers &amp amp amp Students Personalised Learning Counsellor can conduct need based workshops for students, teachers and parents after seeking approval from PLC Team VERTEX. iv. Observation of Pre-Primary Referrals Since Pre Primary students do not avail direct PLC Services, the Personalised Learning Counsellor needs to cater to the referral through class observations and conducting a meeting with the parents and teachers. Periodical feedback about the childs progress need to be given to the parent and documented in the Minutes of Parent Meeting form. If support is required from paramedical professionals like Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, the Personalised Learning Counsellor can provide contact details of the professionals to the parent. For severe cases, a Visiting Professional can also be recommended to the parent. Counselling and Remedial services will be provided only from Grade 1 (If the referral persists). v. Class Observations Minimum two observations (during structured and unstructured settings) need to be conducted at the time of referral. The recorded in Form 5.2. Other observations of the student should be recorded in the Log-Book of the Personalised Learning Counsellor as task for the day. vi. Provide strategies to Coordinators/Teachers Behaviour Modification Strategies need to be shared by the Personalised Learning Counsellor with the Grade Coordinator and Teachers. Discipline policy (Refer Teachers Manual for the same) remains the same even for students availing PLC Services. vii. Follow-up with Teachers/ Coordinators/ Parents The Personalised Learning Counsellor is required to conduct meetings (need based frequency) with the parents. Joint meetings with parents along with the Grade Coordinator, Class teacher, Centre Head and PLC staff for TIER 3 and sensitive cases (if any) is imperative. Note: Teacher follow-up should be conducted minimum three times in an academic year. S.No Timeline for Teacher-Follow up (Primary &amp amp amp Secondary) 1 Once the referral is received 2 Before preparing Progress Report of the 1st Term 3 Before preparing Progress Report of the 2nd Term For existing/old/ follow-up cases, the Class teacher and the subject teachers need to be briefed about the student in the beginning of the academic year. A brief about the temporary, follow up and permanent cases needs to be given to the teachers for the new academic year. The focus is to enable the teachers to facilitate the students availing PLC Services in classrooms. Thus, with a brief case understanding, the Personalised Learning Counsellor also needs to equip the teachers (class teachers and schedule of the sessions/ number of periods availing per week and exam concessions. In the event of a parent missing the scheduled meeting more than twice, a diary note needs to be sent for the same. Diary note should include the purpose and schedule of the parent meeting. Inspite of sending diary notes, if the parent still does not report for the said meeting, a letter from the principals desk needs to be sent for the same. Parent meeting needs to be conducted and documented if the parent is not willing to avail services or any support from the PLC Department. The frequency of the Teacher Follow-Up and Parent Meetings depends on each case i.e. the same is to be conducted on need-based manner. The Personalised Learning Counsellor should provide a copy of the students PLC schedule to the Class teacher. viii. Record Maintenance as per CO guidelines:- As per the policy, all the required forms need to be filed by the Personalised Learning Personalised Learning Counsellor. Temporary counselling cases will be filed in the Temporary Case Record of the respective academic year. Protocol of the Temporary Case record data should be implemented by the Personalised Learning Counsellor. ix. Parent Counselling Certain cases may demand purely marital/parental counselling. Personalised Learning Counsellor can schedule parent counselling on weekly basis. The summary of these sessions are to be documented in Form 10 Counselling Session Summary Form.